Plans, Drafting & Design


What is the General Catalog?

The General Catalog is an ever-expanding collection of high quality, very low-cost building plans for houses, tiny houses on wheels, cottages, garages and outbuildings, and more. Plans include collaborative designs as well as designs entirely by THE small HOUSE CATALOG. The purpose of this catalog is to encourage builders and homeowners to seriously begin considering smaller houses.

What are Signature Designs?

Signature designs are plans created exclusively by THE small HOUSE CATALOG. These are high quality, stand alone exclusive designs not included in the General Catalog.

What's included in a typical custom plans package?

A typical house plans package is drafted to current IRC code and includes,

 3D Cover & Exterior Perspectives of Project - General Construction Notes - Dimensioned Floor Plans - Exterior Elevations - Building Cross Section - Detailed Wall Section - Foundation Plan & Details - Floor Framing Plan(s) - Roof Framing Plan & Details - Construction Details - Interior Elevations (Kitchens & Bathrooms) - Door & Window Schedules (see example plan)

Do you modify designs?

Yes, any plan from THE small HOUSE CATALOG can be modified to suit. Please visit the Drafting page for details.

How much does it cost to build a small house?

In the United States the average cost to build a house in 2017 is $150 per square foot. 

Do plans have an architect's stamp?

No. An architect's stamp is not required to submit house plans for permitting anywhere in the country. A plan may be required to undergo a structural engineering review by a licensed structural engineer. These demands are most commonly seen in seismic and high wind regions of the United States and Canada. Architects, architectural designers, draftsmen and owner-designers, are all potentially subject to engineering reviews. Check local building departments for specific requirements and read Our License Agreement & Stock Plan Disclaimer for information.

What size paper should I use to print my plans?

The majority of PDF plans from THE small HOUSE CATALOG are designed to be printed on two IRC standards: 18" x 24" or 24" x 36" paper. Plans, as well as plan listings at the website, specify intended paper sizes. Building departments prefer black & white prints. 

What happened to the free house plans programs?

The free small and tiny house plans program still exists! You can subscribe here. Free plans are now only available to subscribers for a limited time each month. This is to deter copyright infringement.  

Can I sell your plans?

Read about THE small HOUSE CATALOG affiliate programYou cannot sell any plans, models, images or any other information from this website without permission.

What types of buildings can you design?

THE small HOUSE CATALOG designs & drafts all styles of houses, accessory dwelling units, tiny houses on wheels, cabins, cottages, garages, studios, office spaces, backyard buildings, sheds, barns, etc. Visit the drafting page for details.