Drafting & Design Service Options

Option No. 1: Drafting & Design. $3.00/square foot and includes 3D modeling, one hour phone consultation, and ongoing communication throughout the design. Choose this option if you'd like to work together designing your project. 

Option No. 2: Drafting. $2.00/square foot and includes 3D modeling. Choose this option if you've got hand drawn floor plans, some simple elevations, and a bulleted list of details for your project.  

Plans are drafted to current IRC code and delivered as PDFs for printing and are ready to submit.

Plus, get a 10% discount on ALL FEES for free-sharing plans!

What's included in a set of building plans?

A typical house plan set includes pages, such as:

  • Cover sheet with three-dimensional image(s)
  • General construction notes
  • Dimensioned floor plans
  • Exterior elevations
  • Building cross sections
  • Detailed wall cross section & details
  • Foundation plan & details
  • Roof plan & details
  • Interior kitchen elevations
  • Interior bathroom elevation(s)
  • Selected architectural details
  • Window schedule
  • Door schedule
  • Seismic & high wind braced wall plans (March 2016)
  • General Mechanical, Plumbing & Electric (MPE) sheet (December 2016)

Plans are drafted as printable PDFs designed to satisfy the International Residential Code (IRC) and are ready for submission to building departments in the United States & Canada.

Additional services:

Post-plan modifications: $75 per hour