The Tiny Life Reviews the Moschata Tiny House Plan!

Choosing a tiny house building plan is a big part of your journey toward living in a tiny house. But how do you pick one? Ryan and Amy at The Tiny Life just created an awesome resource to help make the process of choosing a tiny house plan much easier. They only reviewed tried and true plans for houses that have been built and lived in.

Ryan and Amy laid out 16 criteria for what to look for in different tiny house plans, from road height to roof type to number of lofts, and laid them out in a chart so you can quickly compare the features of different plans at a glance. They made recommendations for which plans suit which needs best, and how easy they are for new builders to follow.

The No. 1 Tiny House Plan, aka the Moschata, which we built in 2010 and lived in for three years was recently featured & reviewed for the guide. It's an older plan but still one of the "gold standards" for tiny homes.

The review has inspired us to give the plan an overhaul this year and release a fully updated version with in-depth details. Stay tuned if you're a tiny house enthusiast.

Read the entire review here: