modern shed roof house

2017 Rates:

$2.50/square foot for houses, guest houses, ADU's, garages, etc.

$1.00 per square foot for porches & decks

10% discount for free-sharing plans

Hand drawn client designs are translated into 3D models that can be used to create 2D construction documentation. 

This service is useful if you're looking for assistance designing your plan to meet current code.

Plans are delivered as PDFs and can be printed and are ready to be submitted for permitting or engineering. 

What's included in a set of building plans?

A typical house plan set includes pages, such as:

Cover sheet with three-dimensional image(s)

General construction notes

Dimensioned floor plans

Exterior elevations

Building cross sections

Detailed wall cross section & details

Foundation plan & details

Roof plan & details

Interior kitchen elevations

Interior bathroom elevation(s)

Selected architectural details

Window schedule

Door schedule

*NEW* Plans now include seismic & high wind braced wall plans (March 2016)

*NEW* Plans now include a general Mechanical, Plumbing & Electric (MPE) sheet (December 2016)

Plans are drafted to satisfy the International Residential Code (IRC) and are ready for submission to building departments in the United States & Canada.

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Additional services:

Post-plan modifications: $75 per hour

Printed plans available upon request (please email).