modern shed roof house

Drafting and Design Rates:

  • $300 deposit & 3D modeling fee plus $2.50/ square foot for all conditioned and roofed floor spaces, including porches.
  • $1.00 per square foot for decks
  • Get a 10% discount for freesharing plans

Hand drawn client designs are translated into 3D models that can be used to create 2D construction documentation. Select this service if you're looking for a guided experience designing your plan. Plans are delivered as PDFs and can be immediately printed and submitted for permitting. 

What's included in the plans:

Plans are drafted to satisfy the International Residential Code (IRC) and are ready for submission to building departments in the United States & Canada.

A typical house plan set includes pages, such as:

  • Cover sheet with three-dimensional image(s)
  • General construction notes
  • Dimensioned floor plans
  • Exterior elevations
  • Building cross sections
  • Detailed wall cross section & details
  • Foundation plan & details
  • Roof plan & details
  • Interior kitchen elevations
  • Interior bathroom elevation(s)
  • *NEW* Seismic & high wind braced wall plans (March 2016)
  • Selected architectural details
  • Window schedule
  • Door schedule

Additional services:

  • Basic electrical sheet (not generally required for construction permits): $200
  • Basic plumbing sheet (not generally required for construction permits): $200
  • Basic site plan: $300
  • Post-plan modifications: $75 per hour
  • Printed plans available upon request


  1. Simply sketch a floor plan. Pencil and paper works great.
  2. Sketch the exterior elevations of your design.
  3. Make a list of features (for example: siding style, color, roof type, window design, et al.). Straight to the point, bulleted lists work best.
  4. Send your work to