P. Landowski Plan Updates

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P. Landowski Plan Updates

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Changes & Updates:

SHEET A.04 - Show/draw on the plans that the garage to house door SWINGS-IN to the home and that it is SELF CLOSING & SELF LATCHING and 20 minute fire-rated (state that on the DOOR SCHEDULE)

SHEET A.04 - Stair landing on the house entry door must state and meet R311.3 - Please draw and state on plan sheet -

Floors and landings at exterior doors. There shall be a landing or floor on each side of each exterior door. The width of each landing shall not be less than the door served. Every landing shall have a minimum dimension of 36 inches measured in the direction of travel. 

Exterior landings shall be permitted to have a slope not to exceed 1/4 unit vertical in 12 units horizontal (2-percent).

SHEET A.06 - Code M1307.3.1 - Appliances located in a garage shall be protected from impact by automobiles. 

So on the plan sheet show an approved impact barrier in front of the electric water heater and well water tank. 

SHEET A.06 - Code M1307.3 - State that NO ignition source appliance is being used inside the garage

SHEET A.06 - Change house and garage slab rebar to 24" o.c. instead of 12" o.c.

SHEET A.07 - County wants the location and size of all lintels. Include a detail. (SEE ATTACHED DETAILS)

SHEET A.08 - Change the size of the 2 glulam beams in the garage to 5 1/8 x 16 1/2

SHEET A.10 - Bathroom Exhaust fans must be shown for both bathrooms and connected to the ERV. See attached detail - DO NOT show the EXH at the kitchen stove are, delete that one

SHEET A.11 - County wants you to identify the current plumbing code which is the 2012 IPC - REMOVE the "General Information Only" comment and replace it with that I am utilizing the 2012 IPC Plumbing Code.

SHEET A.11 - See the SUPPLY LINES notes - Polypropylene is NOT permitted. Remove that and change it to 1 1/4" Polyethylene

SHEET A.12 - Provide interconnected smoke alarms in each sleeping room, outside of each sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms. Smoke alarms shall be hard wired WITH a battery backup. 

SHEET A.12 - A carbon monoxide alarm shall be installed outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms. (SEE ATTACHED PICTURE SHOWING WHERE THEY WANT THE ADDITIONAL CO2 and SMOKE ALARMS PLACED)

SHEET A.12 - They can't identify the symbol in the bathrooms. I assume that is the ERV bathroom vent? If so, please identify it in the symbol area.


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