The Beekeeper's Bungalow Takes Form
Balloon Framing Detail
Floor Joists and The Boss Cat
Installing a Stick Framed Roof Assembly
Blessing the Beekeeper's Bungalow
A Bee?
The crawlspace has been poured
Sealing the foundation with Non Toxic Barr from Chem Link
Sealing the foundation deal
The foundation is sealed
A little help from a large friend
The crawlspace is poured, sealed and backfilled
The subfloor is completed!
Raising the walls
First Floor...Going Up
Balloon Framing Detail
Gable end wall framing
LVL ridge beam...
Raising the Ridge Beam
Raising the Ridge Beam
Continuing to raise the ridge beam
The Ridge is Up!
Site Built Jigs for Ridge Beam Installation
Framing the roof, one rafter at a time
The rafters are installed
Can you pick out the dormer?
Framing in the dormer
Sheathing the roof from the inside
Building the Barge Rafters
Trimmed and Painted Barge Rafters
Riding the Bungalow
The Beekeeper's Bungalow from the South East
Lots of metal goes into a foundation
Now comes the fun part
The concrete sets along with the sun
Sunset over the dummy rafter tails
Excavation begins. The cat is not impressed.
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