Beekeeper's Bungalow

THE small HOUSE CATALOG is a boutique drafting house for small & tiny houses. We enjoy encouraging people to think small when it comes to housing by offering a selection of free, downloadable, ready-to-submit house plans. New plans are added monthly. Sign up for free! 

House plans are 100% free to download and no registration is required. If you have a question or want additional information on how to download, print or submit a plan to your building department, visit our FAQs page.

Design your own house and turn them into submittable building plans with our drafting services which start at only $1/square foot for houses and $2/sq ft for tiny houses on wheels. Share your plan and get a 10% discount on fees.

Houses from THE small HOUSE CATALOG have been seen in SunsetCNN, Curbly, The Tiny House Blog, Tiny House Living, Tiny House Design, Small House Bliss, Small House Swoon, and other places. They're being used as rentals with AIRBNB, Home Away, VRBO, and other agencies, as well as guest cottages, businesses, artist spaces, mother-in-laws, starter homes, retirement solutions, and more - across the country and abroad. 

We love and enjoy building small houses and we want you to love and enjoy building them too! Finding or creating a plan is the first step.

Please send plan corrections or submit comments or suggestions here.